CLVR US’ mission is to help people around the world understand the importance of sustainable creativity using the synthesis of new technologies and time honored traditions forming unique cultural experiences that leave lasting impressions on individuals and communities.

THE DREAMCATCHER ARTSCAPE, a non-profit touring installation, is hosted in a historically indigenous structure, the traditional Native American Sioux Style Tipi.

Designed by CLVR US the installation encompasses the following elements:

1. Sustainable Creativity using 100% Solar Power to run the installation and all associated elements (lights, sound, video) during each event

2. Digital Artscape by video mapping the tipi exterior with custom motion graphic content at night

3. The bond of community through shared experience of learning and discussion in a time honored shelter


The CLVR US Dreamcatcher Tipi Concept is designed to be an approachable renewable energy driven lounge by day where essential oil misting fans set the tone in the communal shade of a 22 foot diameter tipi. Classes starting at Noon and Frequency Alignments at 1:00 PM local time each event day will offer patrons an opportunity to participate in discussions or sessions at no charge.

At dusk the tipi exterior will be illuminated by high definition projectors with custom motion graphics like sacred geometry or cosmic imagery. The interior is a chill out zone from dusk till closing time.

This is CLVR US’ first interactive Artscape where we can let patrons of various events come relax, engage, be visually stimulated at night, and see hands on applications of small scale renewable energy generation. All the sound, fans, lights, and video equipment used on-site will be 100% powered by the sun using a small solar cell +battery system mounted on a 27 foot RV, conceptualized below.


CLVR US is asking you to fully fund this project so we can keep our Dreamcatcher Tipi Artscape installation free of charge to the public at each event we attend in 2017.


We made it Sonic Bloom 2017 in Colorado, PARADISO 2017 at The Gorge in Washington State, and Burning Man 2017 in Black Rock City Nevada! We will see you in Florida at local events in November and January 2018!