CLVR US + Creative Concepts at MPI

CLVR US Events and Creative Concepts Events are teaming up, becoming the Northwest’s premiere video mapping specialists for Meeting Professionals International’s event in Minneapolis on August 2, 2014, developing 6′ x 6′ custom video cubes that are flown from the roof!

CLVR in Minneapolis

CLVR US in Minneapolis for Official MLB.com ALL-STAR Celebrity Bash with Nelly, B.o.B, Jermaine Dupri, Dj Vice, Captain Morgan, Firestone, & Buffalo Wild Wings!

CLVR US Events, LLC developed custom digital content like the sponsor scoreboard and operated 4 indoor and 1 outdoor projection mapping systems at Epic in Minneapolis for the official MLB.com All-Star Bash celebrity event on Sunday July 13, 2014.


CLVR US Events, LLC projection mapped the Wyman Partridge Company building on 5th street across from Target Field with a 26K Christie Projector; projector field was 80 feet wide x 60 feet high starting on the third floor with 100 foot throw distance.

scoreboard photo

CLVR UE Events, LLC designed and operated a custom sponsor scoreboard with “Slow-motion Photobooth Slideshow Integration.” This was displayed on all in house flatscreen displays and 3 projection screens stage left, upstage center, and stage right.